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Summary (31/08/2012)

At least 95 martyrs have fallen today, mostly in the Damascus area including many who were executed. Areas in the south and east of the capital (Hajar Aswad, Jobar and Yarmuk Camp) were all under shelling, while the Old town in Homs had a bloody day of shelling and 10 were killed in an airstrike on al-Bab near Aleppo. Another helicopter was shot down in Idlib while the FSA announced a new offensive in Aleppo, contradicting the regime’s claims that they were being defeated. The FSA also announced it took over an Air Defence Battalion base in al-Bukamal on the Iraqi border. Syrians protested across the country, wherever it was possible to gather. Finally, August was the bloodiest month so far, with more than 6,000 recorded martyrs.

Summary (30/08/2012)

At least 147 martyrs have been killed today by Assad’s forces 45 of them were exectued in Ariha among them 9 kids and 8 women. The total number of Daray’s martyrs has increased to 673 as more bodies are found while the shelling continue on Deir Ezzor and Daraa. Another MIG was shot down today in Idlib by the FSA fighters after they have attacked Abu Dhur military airport. In Damascus countryside hundreds of families are fleeing the shelling on Zamalka, Hamuryah and Kafr Batna. And always remember, there is a city called Homs where hundreds of families are under heavy siege and shelling since months. See map for more info.

Summary (29/08/2012)

At least 120 martyrs fell today, mostly in Damascus, where the regime’s forces continue to wage war against the revolutionary neighbourhoods of the capital and it’s suburbs. In Idlib province, Ahrar al-Sham, an armed Islamist group separate from the FSA, attacked regime’s military airbase at Taftanaz and claim to have destroyed several helicopters. As retaliation, towns around the airbase came under bombardment. Meanwhile, in an interview broadcast by pro-regime Addunia TV, Assad said he needs more time to put down the revolution. Based on the previous 18 months we think the world “powers” will be happy to give him all the time he needs. See the map for more info.

Summary (28/08/2012)

At least 100 martyrs are reported today, mostly in Damascus and Idlib province, where the town of Kafranbel, famous for their witty and irreverent protest signs was one of the targets for the regime’s airstrikes today. In the capital, more bodies are still being found from the slaughter in Daraya, while the eastern districts remain under heavy fire. Meanwhile, a car bomb targeting a funeral in the predominantly Druze and Christian neighbourhood of Jaramana couldn’t have been better planned to increase divisions and sectarian tension in the capital. See the map for more info.

Summary (27/08/2012)

Since couple of weeks Assad has decided to rise his daily score to 200+ martyrs. and today is not an exception, 224 at least were killed most of them are in Daraa, Idlib and Damascus Countryside. And it seems the regime doesn’t want to bother arresting people anymore, Their Shabeeha instead round up people then execute them directly, dozens of bodies like that are found everyday. However, one helicopter in Damascus and one MIG fighter in Idlib were shot down today by FSA while the clashes continue from Daraa south to Aleppo north. See map for more info.

Summary (26/08/2012)

If you thought the massacre of yesterday would calm down the killing even for few hours then you are mistaken. 151 more martyrs have been killed today 21 of them are in Daraya and 15 of them are from one family (Al-Saqqa), Busra in Daraa province also lived a bloody day with more than 34 martyrs most of them are kids (see the video on map) and another massacre of 18 martyrs in Mer’ed in Idlib province. nearly 7000 Syrian refugees have been stuck for days at the Turkish borders with no food or water supply while dozens of other families are stuck at the closed Iraqi boarder near Al Bukamal fearing the shelling of Assad’s Airforce at any moment.


Summary (25/08/2012)

At least 212 martyrs have been killed today, 80 of them in the Damascus suburb of Daraya alone. This city have seen several massacres and many individual killings of its people, the number might increase as dozens are injured with no medical help. Cities like al-Herak in Daraa, Homs, Rastan and Talbisah, Deir Ezzor and many others are literally disaster areas while the horrible videos you see posted on youtube don’t even represent 2% of what is  happening everyday across the country – dozens of people are being kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed with no cellphone or video camera recording it and no one to even know their names or what happened to them. See the map for more info.

Summary (24/08/2012):

At least 170 martyrs were killed today including at least 25 kids. 40 were killed in the bombing of Mayadin in Deir Ezzor and there were more massacres in Dael and Herak in Daraa, and in Duma, Damascus. In the Damascus suburb of Daraya, killing some of the martyrs once wasn’t enough for Assad’s forces, they also had to shell their bodies. Heavy fighting continues in Aleppo and only Tartous, Raqqah and Suwayda are being spared the shelling and bombing. These are very difficult days for Syrians, even those who are not directly under fire. The lack of basic needs like water, food and fuel is severe in many areas, while hundreds of thousands have been displaced, and more than 200,000 Syrians are now registered refugees in neighbouring countries. Meanwhile, like every day for more than 17 months, protests have taken place across the country. See the map for more info.

Summary (23/08/2012)

200 martyrs fell today. In Damascus, clashes which started near Mezzeh military airport in the west of the capital spread rapidly to the districts of Hajar Aswad and Assali in the south. Mount Qasioun, one of the most beloved landmarks of Damascus, is now the regime’s firing position to shell Dummar and Kafer Suseh. Assad’s forces are increasingly resorting to mass summary executions, which makes it very worrying that they rounded up about 100 people including women and kids in Jobar area of Damascus today and took them away to an unknown location. Meanwhile, the air force continues to increase it’s activity across Syria, even violating Iraqi airspace for 15 minutes while carrying out airstrikes on the border city of al-Bukamal. Finally, to keep things fairly clear and concise we can’t mention ALL what is happening everyday but we do want to add that our heart goes out to the people of al-Herak in Daraa, who have been under fierce shelling for days with very little attention. See the map for more info.

Summary (22/08/2012)

Another day of slaughter in Syria, at least 180 martyrs were reported, mostly in the capital Damascus. 46 were summary executed in the neighbourhood of Qaboun, in Kafar Suseh it was 20. Elsewhere, the regime continues to make escalating use of airpower, one of their bombing targets today was Kafar Nabel in Idlib, where 17 were killed. In Daraa, the regime still seems determined to completely wipe out al-Herak with bombs and artillery. However, none of this should trouble you, because no WMD were used. See the map for more info.

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