Summary (23/08/2012)

200 martyrs fell today. In Damascus, clashes which started near Mezzeh military airport in the west of the capital spread rapidly to the districts of Hajar Aswad and Assali in the south. Mount Qasioun, one of the most beloved landmarks of Damascus, is now the regime’s firing position to shell Dummar and Kafer Suseh. Assad’s forces are increasingly resorting to mass summary executions, which makes it very worrying that they rounded up about 100 people including women and kids in Jobar area of Damascus today and took them away to an unknown location. Meanwhile, the air force continues to increase it’s activity across Syria, even violating Iraqi airspace for 15 minutes while carrying out airstrikes on the border city of al-Bukamal. Finally, to keep things fairly clear and concise we can’t mention ALL what is happening everyday but we do want to add that our heart goes out to the people of al-Herak in Daraa, who have been under fierce shelling for days with very little attention. See the map for more info.


About Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Center

We are a group of Syrians who are not members of any political group. We are not part of the Syrian Opposition. We love our country and believe in a Syria with freedom, democracy and human rights. We want to see a Syria where all Syrians are equal regardless of race, religion or gender.

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