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Summary (21/08/2012)

200+ martyrs have been killed today, 60 in the Damascus suburb of Moaddamiya where the previous massacre was less than two weeks ago. Apparently the regime has also decided to wipe the town of al-Herak in Daraa province from the map, where dozens of houses were destroyed over the heads of its inhabitants for the 3rd day. Everyday now groups of bodies are found where people were rounded up and executed – this increases concerns that many of the thousands of missing or detained have already joined the long list of martyrs. See the map for more info.

Summary (20/08/2012)

At least 140 martyrs fell today, including many kids, mostly around Damascus, where there were massacres in Daraya, Moaddamiya and Qaboun, and also in al-Herak in Daraa province. In Aleppo a Japanese journalist, Mika Yamamoto, has been killed covering the fighting in the city. Meanwhile, Obama said today “US thinking on possible military involvement in Syria would change if chemical or biological weapons came into play.” There have been 25,000 recorded deaths in the last 17 months. The current death rate is more than 1,000 a week. Does the fact that these were “only” caused by knives, bullets, tank and mortar shells, rockets and bombs make it OK? So, we are not counting on Obama (or Romney) or Cameron or any other hypocrite to rescue us. But if the international community is not morally prepared to help us, it would be nice for them not to bargain and make deals on our blood. See the map for more info.

Summary (19/08/2012)

On the first day of Eid, at least 135 martyrs fell, mostly in Damasucs and Daraa, where there was a mass execution in the town of al-Herak. Assad could hardly spend 11 minutes attending Eid prayers in Muhajereen district of the capital, while in the fighting in Aleppo the FSA continue to close in around the city’s airport. Despite the bombing and snipers, Eid brought protesters out on the streets again in large numbers in many places. See the map for more info. It is very ugly to see more than 1,000 Syrians being killed by the regime every week now and everyone is taking it easy. But if many Syrians feel frustrated and abandoned by a world with conflicting interests in the country, how about the Rohingya in Myanmar who literally nobody seems to give a damn about?

Summary (18/08/2012)

At least 172 have been killed in the last day of Ramadan, more than 4,400 killed by Assad’s forces over the last 30 days. Tomorrow, the kids of the Islamic world will be celebrating the first day of Eid al-Fitr while our kids are either waiting for their fast death under bombs or dying slowly in the refugees camps. The 3rd Eid since the start of the uprising has came and more Syrians are displaced and homeless, detained and injured, lost parents, children, siblings and friends as the regime continues it’s assaults on Aleppo, Damascus, Daraa, Deir Ezzor, Homs, Hama and Idlib. Meanwhile the world keeps buying Assad more time to try to finish off the uprising by appointing Lakhdar Brahimi, ex-Algerian FM to replace Kofi Annan.

Summary (17/08/2012)

More than 150 martyrs fell today, mostly in Damascus, Aleppo, Daraa and Homs and including a new massacre in Douma, where at least 16 people were slaughtered. The fighting may grab most attention but, despite the bombing, sieges and displacement, protests continue in hundreds of locations across Syria. Meanwhile, the UN is reporting an outbreak of e. coli infections in Damascus Countryside due to contaminated water supply. See the map for more info.

Summary (16/08/2012)

After killing more than 200 Syrians yesterday prompted no reaction from the world is it a surprise that Assad’s forces killed another 200 today? Dozens of bodies were found dumped and burned in the Damascus suburb of Qatana, while in Aleppo dozens more were killed when a helicopter fired on people queuing for bread. The lack of condemnation of yesterday’s devastating bombing of Azaz has certainly given the regime no reason to halt it’s escalating use of airstrikes – we don’t think they are particularly worried by their suspension from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation today. Meanwhile, it is time to say farewell to the UN observers who were never provided with the necessary numbers, equipment, expertise or backing to be effective except as onlookers to the increasing bloodshed. See the map for more info.

Summary (15/08/2012)

Even by Syrian standards today has been a particuarly bloody day with almost 200 martyrs reported. The single deadliest incident was a regime airstrike on rebel-held Azaz near the Turkish border which killed more than 30. Meanwhile, the FSA claimed responsibility for a truck bomb inside the Ministry of Defence compound in central Damascus which injured 3 people according to State media. See the map for more info.

Summary (14/08/2012)

At least 86 martyrs have fallen today, including 4 women and 10 children. Fighting continues in Aleppo, Homs, Deir Ezzor, Daraa and elsewhere, and the FSA ambushed and destroyed a convoy of reinforcements heading to Bab al-Hawa on the border with Turkey. The regime responded by bombing nearby villages. According to state media Mamoun al-Zoubi, deputy health minister, was assassinated in Daraa by a “terrorist group”. Meanwhile, the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel was pleased the UN’s “emergency relief coordinator” Baroness Amos made another visit to Damascus. Please excuse the up to 3 million hungry Syrians for being too busy trying to stay alive to give a shit. See the map for more info.

Summary (13/08/2012)

Another day, another 100+ martyrs in Syria, mostly in Damascus where there was a 3rd massacre in less than 2 weeks in the suburb of Jdaydet Artouz. In Deir Ezzor province, the FSA claimed to have shot down a Mig-23 jet and captured it’s pilot. Meanwhile, another Syrian diplomat has announced his defection, Danny al-Baaj, Syria’s representative at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Summary (12/08/2012)

At least 110 martyrs were killed today, mostly in Aleppo, Damascus countryside and Homs. Group executions were reported in al-Shamas district of Homs and in al-Tal, Damascus suburbs, while fighting continues in Aleppo. While we remain 100% with the revolution because we believe the end of the Assad regime is necessary for Syria’s future, we are also increasingly disgusted and worried that a few elements among those opposed to Assad are becoming as thuggish, brutal and hate-driven as the regime and it’s supporters. Maybe this is exactly the kind of opposition that Assad and his cheerleaders deserve after all the atrocities of the last 17 months but this will be a tragedy for all Syrians.

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