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Summary (30/06/2012)

While the “great” powers meeting in Geneva continue to disagree over what kind of Syria THEY want to engineer, Assad’s forces are ensuring that soon there will be very little left for them to bother about. At least 123 martyrs fell today, mainly in Damascus and the suburbs where, in today’s most alarming development, a funeral in Zamalka was targeted by a car bomb, killing 30 and injuring dozens. After weeks of fighting, the FSA have been forced out of Duma, with reports of executions, mass arrests and widespread looting. The situation is no better outside the capital. See the map for more info.

Summary (29/06/2012)

At least 83 martyrs fell today as Syrians again took to the streets in hundreds of locations across the country. There were 2 massacres – 7 victims in Hamuriyah, Damascus subrbs and at least 8 victims in Suran, Hama province. Deir Ezzor, Idlib, Homs, Daraa, Damascus countryside are all still under shelling especially Duma which was totally ignored by the media. Is it really boring now to know what is happening in Syria ?!! Our sadness doesn’t make us forget to mention the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar where 250 at least have been killed and greetings to our brothers and sisters in Sudan. We are with you.

Summary (28/06/2012)

At least 104 martyrs fell, mostly in Duma and Homs, where the Red Cross failed AGAIN to evacuate the Syrian civilians trapped under shelling. A small bomb in the car park of the Palace of Justice (ha!) in central Damascus was enough to distract media while the slaughter continued elsewhere, including at least 2 whole families in Krak des Chevaliers and Asharenah. Meanwhile, in an interview with Iranian media, Assad continued to show what a jerk he is. Although he thanked them for their support, he also described talk of Iranian involvement as a joke aimed at dividing the Syrian military. See the map for more info.

Summary (27/06/2012)

At least 98 martyrs have fallen today, as Assad continues to escalate his war against the Syrian people. The shelling of rebellious towns and cities by helicopters as well as artillery and tanks is now a daily occurence in 8 of Syria’s 14 provinces. The most martyrs fell in Idlib province where there were massacres in Khan al-Subul (the town where the FSA destroyed a helicopter and many armoured vehicles yesterday) and Habeet, where the dead includes many children. Outside Damascus, gunmen attacked the privately-owned pro-regime al-Ikhbaryia TV station. State media was soon on the scene to condemn and publicise this attack by the “terrorists”. The FSA has denied responsibility for this attack. See the map for more info. This summary is dedicated to the martyrs of the Tadmur Prison Massacre, 32 years ago today.

Summary (26/06/2012)

More than 110 martyrs have fallen today – mostly in Damascus countryside where Duma, Qudssaya and Dummar are under heavy shelling with clashes between FSA and Assad’s forces taking place few kilometers from the heart of Damascus. Shelling is also going on in Daraa, Deir Ezzor, Homs, Hama and in provinces of Lattakia, Aleppo and Idlib where the FSA destroyed a helicopter and several armoured vehciles. Meanwhile, 13 defected officers including 3 colonels have recently arrived to Turkey while Erdogan announced new rules of engagement on the border. See the map for more info.

Summary (25/06/2012)

Deir Ezzor, Homs, Hama, Idlib, Daraa, Damascus Countryside and parts of Lattakia and Aleppo are all under shelling – meaning shells are falling on houses where normal people like you live. There are families, kids, women, old people whose lives are being torn apart and don’t know where to go. At least 80 died today, 90 yesterday, 131 the day before. The EU has announced it’s 16th round of sanctions – we wonder what kind of chocolate they will stop Ass-ad from getting this time. Australia has also announced new sanctions. Meanwhile, the Red Cross still did NOT enter Homs, where thousands of civilians remain surrounded by Assad’s forces and at risk of massacre. See the map for more info.

Summary (24/06/2012)

Another bloody day in Syria with at least 61 martyrs – mostly in Deir Ezzor, under shelling since Friday, and Aleppo. The burned bodies of student doctors arrested for treating injured protesters were found dumped in Aleppo while 7 members of the same family were slaughtered in Jabal az-Zawiyah. Shelling continues across the country, mostly because in many areas it is becoming very hard for Assad’s forces to enter. Meanwhile, the humanitarian situation continues to be very hard. See the map for more info.

Summary (23/06/2012)

Today was another day of slaughter as at least 100 martyrs have fallen mainly in Deir Ezzor, Damascus Countryside, Homs, Aleppo and Daraa. The situation has been particularly bad in Deir Ezzor, where dozens of tanks and other reinforcements recently arrived and which has been under heavy shelling since yesterday. Nevertheless, the FSA is fighting back hard. Meanwhile the new government was announced with no change in the most important positions but with the token inclusion of some figures from the officially sanctioned “opposition”. See the map for more info.

Summary (22/06/2012)

At least 73 martyrs have fallen today, mostly in Aleppo, Homs, Damascus, Daraa and Deir Ezzor. The Red Cross has failed to enter Homs for a second day because of the shelling, while the regime accuses the FSA of massacring 25 “citizens” outside Darat Izzah in Aleppo province – do ordinary citizens usually go around in large gangs, armed with weapons and supported by tanks and helicopters? Meanwhile, as if to demonstrate Syria does have an effective air defence, a Turkish military jet seems to have been shot down off the coast of Lattakia today. See the map for more info.

Summary (21/06/2012)

At least 126 martyrs have fallen today, including at least 10 kids, mostly in Daraa, Damascus countryside and Homs as Assad added at least 4 new massacres to his already long list of atrocities (Inkhil, Kafar Shamis, Duma, Deir Baalbah). The Syrian pilot who escaped today with his MIG 21 got political asylum in Jordan and the whole world was talking about it, although they didn’t discuss what this implies about the effectiveness of the Syrian air defence system that they’ve all been talking up. See the map for more info.

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