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Summary (31/05/2012)

At least 50 martyrs fell today, mainly in Homs where Qusayr is under heavy shelling and 11 workers were slaughtered in the village of Buwaydah Sharqiyah. Despite the attempts by Assad’s forces to break it, the strike by the merchants of Damascus continued for a fourth day, and shopkeepers in Aleppo have begun their own strike. With simultaneous strikes in Syria’s 2 main cities Bashar has achieved something his father never managed. We won’t insult your intelligence by discussing the regime’s “investigation” into Houla. We will just say that more than 1,000 children have now been killed by Assad’s forces since the start of the uprising. See the map for more info.

Summary (30/05/2012)

At least 39 martyrs fell today, mostly in Damascus suburbs, Daraa and Homs, where Homs city, Rastan, Qusayr and Houla – that’s right, Houla – are under heavy shelling. The Russians continue to stick like glue with ASSad CHILDKILLER and his clown at the UN, Bashar Jaafari, whose increasingly hysterical attempts to defend an indefensible regime at least have a degree of comedy value. Meanwhile, proving that the Syrian diplomatic service is not TOTALLY devoid of dignity, Hazem Chehabi, the Syrian Consul General in California, resigned in protest at the Houla massacre. See the map for more info.

Summary (29/05/2012)

At least 72 martyrs have been reported today, including 13 executed detainees whose bodies were dumped in the Deir Ezzor countryside and 2 15-year old cousins shot in the street by Assad’s thugs in Hama and their bodies kidnapped.
In Damascus Annan had his non-comedy talks with Assad – the laughs were provided by Deputy FM Mokdad with his claims that “Syria has not done a single violation of Annan’s plan.” Most protesters consider the Annan plan to be finished and the observers are becoming an increasingly unwelcome presence.
Meanwhile, we welcome the decision of Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA to expel Syrian diplomats today but we can’t help wondering, WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG?

Summary (28/05/2012)

At least 34 martyrs were reported as Assad’s forces continue to shell, shoot, beat, arrest, torture, rape, burn and steal across the country. For the first time since the beginning of the revolution most of Damascus, including the markets of the Old City, joined in the national strike for the martyrs of Houla. Assad’s forces tried to break into the shops in some areas but that led to fights with the merchants. Meanwhile, Annan is in Damascus for more pointless talking, as if we haven’t already had 14 long bloody months of it. See the map for more info.

Summary (27/05/2012)

At least 53 have fallen, most of them in the heavy shelling on several areas of Hama city. Homs and Damascus are not having better days either with 9 people killed in the Midan area of the capital. Meanwhile, the Russian government continues to demonstrate how shameless they are by backing Assad at the UN and refusing to condemn him as responsible for Houla massacre. Instead they want to accuse a 3rd party, as if the local people don’t know who killed their children. See the map for more info.

Summary (26/05/2012)

The UK FM called on for strong international reaction to the massacre, the French FM condemned it, the German FM said it is shocking, UAE called for an for an Arab League emergency meeting , Ban ki moon said the massacre is a clear violation of the international law…etc, Assad didn’t seem to be scared and his forces went on and killed at least 52 more martyrs today most of them are in Homs and Damascus countryside and Russia continue to send arms to him in front of the whole world. We accuse the international community to be responsible for all the bloodshed in our country either directly by financing and arming Ass-ad or indirectly by the shameless silence and lack of reaction. See the map for more info.

Summary (25/05/2012)

At least 80 martyrs have fallen today most of them have fallen in Houla where Assad’s forces commited a massacre killing at least 63 among them 15 kids with dozens of serious injuries (you can see the video on map). A group of farmworkers was slaughtered in Shayzar in Hama province while another massacre took place in the village of Jebb Hatt near Salamaiyah when Assad’s thugs opened fire at funeral. See map for more info

Summary (24/05/2012)

At least 32 martyrs have fallen today including a mother and her 5 children (aged between 9 years and 4 months) kidnapped and slaughtered in Hama province today. The shelling and attacks continue in Homs, Idlib, Aleppo, Daraa and Damascus Countryside, where the FSA has confirmed the recent defection of a complete battalion of 200 men in Qutayfah. Meanwhile, yet another report from the UN Human Rights Council telling us what we already know – the Syrian regime is committing most of the human rights violations, while Amnesty International concluded that it’s inaction on this issue has made th UN Security Council “increasingly unfit for purpose”. See the map for more info.

Summary (23/05/2012)

At least 26 martyrs have fallen today, including 8 defected soldiers and 5 unidentified bodies dumped in the city of Ariha in Idlib. The attacks with helicopters and tanks continues in Jabal az-Zawiyah, Idlib, while Rastan and Qusayr in Homs are also still under heavy shelling. In Khan Shaykhun the FSA exchanged the wreckage of a tank for 2 people detained by the regime. Meanwhile, the Oil Minister said today that the oil sanctions have cost the regime $4 billion. They are now reliant on fuel deliveries from Venezuela and Iranian cash. As well as fuel, the average Syrian is suffering from an increasing shortage of other essentials such as cooking gas. See the map for more info.

Summary (22/05/2012)

At least 16 martyrs have fallen today. There is a renewed assault on areas around the city of Ma’ret al-Nu’man in Idlib province, using armoured vehicles and helicopters. Yet again Assad’s forces opened fire on crowds gathered around the UN observers, this time in Busayrah, Deir Ezzor province. Meanwhile, in a move that seems designed to further increase tensions in Lebanon, a group of Lebanese Shia pilgrims has been kidnapped in Aleppo province. The FSA has been accused but denies any involvement. See the map for more info.

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