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Summary (30/09/2012)

At least 143 martyrs today, mostly in Damascus and Deir Ezzor. Several dozen people were executed by Assad’s forces in the capital. A bomb targeted security buildings in Qamishli, marking an escalation in the conflict in the North East. September has been the second bloodiest month of the uprising, with more than 5,100 recorded martyrs. Only August was bloodier. 34,000 people have now been recorded as killed by Assad’s forces (including at least 3,000 “rebel” combatants) – with names, dates and in many cases pictures and videos. The last estimate of Assad’s losses was 8,000. Thousands remain unaccounted for. Therefore, an estimate of 50,000 dead looks increasingly conservative. See the map for more info.

Summary (29/09/2012)

At least 100 martyrs have been killed today, mostly in Damascus and its countryside. In the suburb of Qudsaya 17 people were executed after being used as human shields during raids by Assad’s forces. House demolitions continued in Hama while Deir Ezzor remains under bombing. In Aleppo the FSA fighters are still advancing. Hundreds of shops in Aleppo’s Old City, one of the oldest and most famous markets in the region, have been burned. The fire began during the fighting last night and the attempts to put it out were hindred by sniperfire, inaccessibility and lack of water. See the map for more info.

Summary (28/09/2012)

At least 161 martyrs have fallen today, mostly in Damascus and Aleppo. In the capital several dozen people were executed during large scale raids on Barzeh, Jobar, Qaboun and the suburb of Qudsaya. In Aleppo the fighting has intensified with the FSA making some gains in certain areas, including Sheikh Maqsoud district where they were fighting armed men from the PYD (Syrian branch of the Kurdish Workers Party). These have also been bloody days in Deir Ezzor. Although the FSA controls most of the countryside, Assad’s forces are still in the city, and in the last 2 days have carried out 2 massacres in the neighbourhoods of Joura and Qusour. Meanwhile, more than 300,000 Syrians are now registered refugees in neighbouring countries. See the map for more info.

Summary (27/09/2012)

At least 83 martyrs today, mostly in Damascus, Idlib and Aleppo, where the FSA says it is launching a new offensive to try to extend it’s control over the city. In Damascus heavy clashes started in Abbasayin Square extended to Jobar. The sound of explosions and heavy firing were heard across the city while more executed bodies are found in the suburbs and countryside. It seems the regime still isn’t satisfied with the level of destruction of Homs, the siege and shelling continues, and Rastan remains a war zone for the 3rd month in a row. Meanwhile, some political parties close to the regime held a conference in Damascus today pretending to be the opposition. They reject violence and reject foreign intervention but don’t reject Assad, who is reliant on both. See the map for more info.

Summary (26/09/2012)

A very bloody day today to compensate for the previous few days. While the media was focussed on the attack on the Ministry of Defence building in central Damascus at least 298 people were killed by Assad’s forces across the country. At least 5 massacres took place, the bloodiest was in the Damascus suburb of Zyabiyah where more than 107 bodies were found. Other massacres took place in the Damascus neighbourhod of Barzeh, Ibtaa in Daraa province, al-Bayadah in Homs and in Deir Ezzor, where a combination of bombing and executions killed more than 30. One of the airstrikes destroyed the city’s public records office. Meanwhile, 280 residents of Rableh (on the Syrian-Lebanese border) who were taken prisoner by rebels on Monday have been released. They were detained in response to the regime’s arming of the villagers. See the map for more info.

Summary (25/09/2012)

At least 98 martyrs reported today, mostly in Damascus, Aleppo, and Deir Ezzor, where there were 2 massacres as a result of bombing. 9 martrys fell in Golan when Assad’s forces again attacked villages in the demilitarised zone. Some of the shells landed in Israeli-occupied territory. On the coast the regime continued it’s campaign of mass arrests around Baniyas. Dozens of people including women and children have been rounded up and taken away in the last few days. Save the Children said a lot about the abuse and trauma of children inside Syria, but a lot less about the malnourishment, exploitation and horrendous living conditions they currently face as refugees. Meanwhile at the UN today Qatar called for Arab intervention after the failure and continuing division of the UN Security Council. See the map for more info.

Summary (24/09/2012)

At least 98 martyrs were killed today, mostly in Damascus and Aleppo. The “peace envoy” Lakhdar Brahimi told the UN the situation in Syria is “extremely bad and getting worse.” If you want an example of what is meant by bad, check out the video on the map from the town of Ter Maleh in Homs province. Another way things are getting worse is the increase in the number of Syrians needing food aid to at least 1.5 million (the Red Cross, working through official channels, says it is managing to get food to about 100,000 people). Meanwhile, in Zaatari Camp Jordanian security forces fired tear gas at hundreds of refugees protesting the terrible living conditions.

Summary (23/09/2012)

At least 70 martyrs were reported today, mostly in Damascus, Daraa, Hama and Aleppo. This is the first time in months that we can remember the daily recorded death toll being less than 100 (excluding casualties among Assad’s forces which we do not know). The opposition National Coordination Body met in Damascus, those members that hadn’t already been arrested. Russian and Iranian diplomats were also present. They agreed to overthrow the regime peacefully and called for a ceasefire because of course that idea hasn’t been tried yet. Meanwhile, Turkey has been sending military reinforcments and evacuating residents from the border close to the town of Tal Abayad in Raqqah province, because of the shelling by Assad’s forces. See the map for more info.

Summary (22/09/2012)

At least 166 martyrs have fallen today, mostly in Damascus, Aleppo and Hama. In the capital, 16 people were massacred in Jobar and 13 were killed when a bus was targeted in the suburb of Hajjira. In Hama, more bodies have been found in Arba’en district, scene of a massacre last week. Last year, the women of Baydah near Baniyas became famous for their brave protests demanding the release of their husbands and sons. Today, Assad’s forces arrested dozens from the village, including at least 25 women with their kids and infants. There has been fierce fighting around Atareb to the West of Aleppo where there are reports another jet was shot down. Meanwhile, Col As’ad announced the FSA leadership has moved from Turkey to inside Syria. See the map for more info.

Summary (21/09/2012)

At least 111 martyrs today, mostly in Damascus where there was a new massacre in Buwaida district. As usual there were hundreds of protests, and as usual many places were under shelling. The bombing of Aleppo, Homs, Deir Ezzor and Jabal az-Zawiyah is particularly relentless. Today Assad said again that he will crush the opposition, yet at the same time he told an Egyptian newspaper that dialogue is the only solution. To show how much he really believes in dialogue, yesterday his forces arrested several leading members of the NCB, one of the few genuine opposition groups who are willing to talk to him. Not even the support of Russia and China could protect them. Meanwhile, the day after being accused of complicity with regular flights of arms from Iran, the Iraqis have intercepted a plane suspected of carrying arms to Assad from North Korea. How convenient. See the map for more info.

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