Aleppo 22/02/2013

Since December, Assad’s forces have launched dozens of Scud-type missiles (this week a source in Turkish government said at least 40). Several more missiles were seen being fired from North of Damascus today. 2 different neighbourhoods of Aleppo have been hit – Tariq al-Bab and Ard al-Hamra. Many homes have been completely destroyed and there are dozens of casualties.



Damascus 21/02/2013

The aftermath of today’s bomb on ath-Thawra street, one of the main roads in central Damascus. This is a busy highway, next to the upmarket Mazra’ah district where the Russian Embassy and Baath Party HQ are located. This area is also normally used as bus stop for those travelling between Eastern Damascus and the City Centre. Dozens of casualties are reported. The FSA has denied any involvement.
Meanwhile at least 2 bombs are reported in Barzeh, a residential area generally supportive of the revolution as well as the usual daily airstrikes, rocket, artillery, tank and mortar fire.


Aleppo 19/02/2013

Jabal Bedru neighbourhood in Eastern rebel-held Aleppo this morning. The area was leveled last night in what is thought to have been a missile strike. Local activists report 21 bodies have now been recovered, among them 12 children and 2 pregnant women. Given the extent of the destruction these numbers will probably continue to rise.


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Aleppo 29/01/2013

At least 75 martyrs were found in Quieq river which is one of the main water sources of Bustan al Qaer in Aleppo, they were rounded and executed then dropped in the river ..



Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan for Syria (1 January – 30 June 2013)

“This Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan aims at supporting the Government of Syria’s efforts in providing humanitarian assistance to the affected populations. It will cover the period from 1 January 2013 until the end of June 2013. The financial requirements amount to $519,627,04”





Deir Al Assafir 25/11/2012

More than 2700 children have been killed by Assad’s forces since 15th of March 2011. Today in Deir Al Assafir in Damascus countryside the shelling of the regime’s airforce added at least 10 more to the list. The video might be graphic, but the world has to see …

Damascus Countryside

This video shows part of the clashes between Free Syrian Army and Assad’s forces in the eastern countryside of Damascus, you can clearly see how they shot down a helicopter at the end of the video ..

Kafranbel 16/11/2012

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