Summary (17/09/2012)

At least 131 martyrs have fallen today, mostly in Damascus, Daraa and Aleppo. In Damascus the regime is intensively shelling Hajar Aswad and Assali while the FSA attacked and destroyed two checkpoints on the road to the Airport. Daraa province is constantly being shelled but today was particularly bas, especially in al-Lajjah region. The UN Human Rights Council released another report that told us nothing new – it’s getting worse – and they can call for Assad to be referred to the International Criminal Court as much as they want but we all know it isn’t going to happen because it has no backing by the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, the conflict continues to escalate, with Assad’s jets launching an airstrike on Lebanese territory for the first time today. See the map for more info.


About Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Center

We are a group of Syrians who are not members of any political group. We are not part of the Syrian Opposition. We love our country and believe in a Syria with freedom, democracy and human rights. We want to see a Syria where all Syrians are equal regardless of race, religion or gender.

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