Summary (12/09/2012)

At least 170 martyrs have fallen today, mostly in Aleppo where 25 more executed bodies were found in Azamiya and clashes are getting heavier around the airport. The city of al-Bukamal and surrounding villages on the Iraqi border came under heavy bombing, Syrians trying to flee into Iraq were reportedly fired at by Iraqi soldiers. In Damascus the shelling, daily mass executions and demolition of houses and shops continues. So, the slaughter, rape and destruction of homes, shops, mosques and churches is still going on, escalating in fact, but it doesn’t seem to hurt the feelings of the Islamic world as much as a stupid movie made by a stupid person. See the map for more info.


About Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Center

We are a group of Syrians who are not members of any political group. We are not part of the Syrian Opposition. We love our country and believe in a Syria with freedom, democracy and human rights. We want to see a Syria where all Syrians are equal regardless of race, religion or gender.

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