Summary (01/07/2012)

At least 69 martyrs fell today as many towns and cities are getting a pounding from tanks, artillery and helicopters while the FSA continues to make gains, particularly in Aleppo province. With Assad now openly calling for the annihilation of his opponents (“terrorists”), and with more than 750 recorded martyrs in the LAST WEEK and the FSA also inflicting heavy casualties on the regime’s forces and shabiha, we can say that there is now no interest in or expectation of any peace deals or plans. Annan and the other diplomats should stop wasting other people’s money. It is now win or die for Assad’s regime or for the revolution. See the map for more info.



About Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Center

We are a group of Syrians who are not members of any political group. We are not part of the Syrian Opposition. We love our country and believe in a Syria with freedom, democracy and human rights. We want to see a Syria where all Syrians are equal regardless of race, religion or gender.

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