Summary (23/05/2012)

At least 26 martyrs have fallen today, including 8 defected soldiers and 5 unidentified bodies dumped in the city of Ariha in Idlib. The attacks with helicopters and tanks continues in Jabal az-Zawiyah, Idlib, while Rastan and Qusayr in Homs are also still under heavy shelling. In Khan Shaykhun the FSA exchanged the wreckage of a tank for 2 people detained by the regime. Meanwhile, the Oil Minister said today that the oil sanctions have cost the regime $4 billion. They are now reliant on fuel deliveries from Venezuela and Iranian cash. As well as fuel, the average Syrian is suffering from an increasing shortage of other essentials such as cooking gas. See the map for more info.


About Syrian Uprising 2011 Information Center

We are a group of Syrians who are not members of any political group. We are not part of the Syrian Opposition. We love our country and believe in a Syria with freedom, democracy and human rights. We want to see a Syria where all Syrians are equal regardless of race, religion or gender.

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